Kangen Water Myth

With so many health products in the market, it may be overwhelming and confusing to know which one you should purchase for your specific needs. You need to make sure that the product is genuine and does wonders to your well-being, so you can get great value for your money.

There has been recent discussions about the remarkable health benefits that Kangen water offers.This product has been advertised extensively, and many people wonder if it is indeed worth their money and time. With numerous myths linked with the product, how can you be sure that it works as promised?

Overview of Kangen Water

Kangen is a Japanese word that means “return to origin”. In fact, kangen water is basically another term for alkaline and ionized water. As with other alkaline water ionizers, it contains an ionizing chamber and special filter. It also creates a similar kind of acidic and alkaline water produced by other types of water ionizers.

Enagic, which is the company behind this product, utilizes the same technology used by typical water ionizers in splitting water into alkaline and acid streams. It also educates people about the real deal with acid or kangen water, so they will understand the benefits it offers.


Myths about the Product

Scientific studies show that calcium, among several other minerals, are about 30 percent easier to obtain from water than from food items. Thus, the World Health Organization recommends individuals to receive at least 10 to 20 percent of their body’s daily requirement for minerals by drinking water.

Since water ionizers make it much easier for people to get minerals from water, this makes the Kangen water a great addition to your home. What’s more, ionized water tastes sweeter than regular water, so you will be end up drinking more and feeling more refreshed. This makes Kangen water a reasonable product to buy, which debunks the myth about it being a hype.

Another myth is that Kangen water can support your health better than what other products can offer. Basically, “Kangen water” is quite a meaningless term to scientists and medical experts because it is a marketing phrase created by the water ionizer manufacturer to sell the ionized water brand.

However, the quality of water it offers is beneficial to one’s health. In Japan, clinical trials and studies reveal that 88 percent of individuals who suffer from mild digestive upset experience relief from alkaline water produced from a water ionizer. Hence, the Japanese Ministry of Health has certified alkaline water ionizers as indispensable medical devices in the country.

Some people wonder if there is any truth to claims that alkaline water can simply met their pounds away. Unfortunately, there is no magic potion for obesity, and you need to exercise regularly and follow a certain diet to lose weight effectively. Alkaline water is simply a part of your healthy lifestyle, and it is not a product that can quickly make you slimmer.

Water ionizers work by purifying water and separating it into acidic and alkaline halves. This intricate process produces an effect of alkaline water, which enhances its electrostatic charge component. When alkaline water is mixed with vitamin C, it can stimulate the antioxidant properties of vitamin C. Unfortunately, no clinical tests have been conducted on alkaline water enhanced with vitamin C.

Another myth associated with Kangen water is its greater health benefits, as compared to bottled water. The truth is, alkaline water is indeed a healthier option because it does not contain BPA. This component is found in bottled water, which is a potent hormone disruptor. Moreover, heat causes BPA to leach out of the plastic, so it is not advisable to drink bottled water when it has been exposed to hot surfaces.

On the other hand, alkaline water ionizers effectively purifies tap water and removes toxins such as chlorine before alkalizing it. This results to the sweeter and more refreshing quality of alkaline water, which you can never expect from plain water.

Bottom Line

Numerous myths about alkaline water including Kangen water persist because some people do not have sufficient understanding of the chemistry involved in alkaline water ionizers. By being aware of the facts about alkaline water and what it does to your health, you can make an informed decision in purchasing Kangen water.


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